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Reconciliation graphic   Also known as Confession, the sacrament of Reconciliation is seen as an opportunity for renewal and can be done as often as needed.  Some Catholics participate weekly before receiving the Eucharist, whereas others may seek the sacrament only during the penitential seasons of Lent or Advent.
The penitent is not confessing to the priest, but to God.  The priest is there to be a 'conduit' between you and God.
Reconciliation is a means of obtaining pardon from God for sins for which the sinner is truly remorseful, and brings the sinner back into communion with God and the Church.  The sacrament is an opportunity for self-reflection and requires that the person take full responsibility for his or her sins, both those in thought and in action.  During the rite, sins are recounted privately to a priest, who is seen as a healer aiding the process and assigns acts of penance, such as specific prayers or acts of restitution, to complete in the following days.
A prayer of contrition is offered at the end of the confession, and the newly absolved Catholic is urged to refrain from repeating those sins.

Please see the Mass Times page for details about reconciliation times at St David's.
In preparation for the Easter seasons, additional reconciliation opportunities are listed in the Parish bulletin.

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