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The Rosary is recited every Monday–Friday at 8:50am before morning Mass.
A couple of words about the history of the Rosary
Since the early ages Christians tried to respond to St Paul's call to continuous prayer.  One of the methods was the repetition of a variety of prayers.
The first rule of monasteries was to repeat constantly the Lord's Prayer.  The Benedictine Constitution, for instance, required the brothers to recite the Our Father 150 times throughout the day corresponding to the number of Psalms which were obligatory to be read by the priests.  To help them with this, the ancient monks began by using string tied with knots. This was followed by using beads.
Our Lady was always seen to be of importance to Christian spirituality.  For this reason the XII century saw the beginning of the development of a custom of reciting the words with which the angel greeted Mary.  In time the words said by Elizabeth were added.
St Dominic is said to be the apostle of the Rosary.  Legend says that Mary appeared to him and asked him to spread this devotion throughout the world.  In turn his follower, Alan de la Roche, developed the Rosary to its present form - with the 15 mysteries (joyful, sorrowful and glorious).  In 2002, Pope John Paul II added the mysteries of light.
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